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Proven Strategies for Successful and Sustainable Weight Loss


Strategies to feel Vibrant and Function at your Best, for yourself and those you care about


State of the Art Nutritional Guidance


A plan and support to implement life changing and life saving health-promoting practices into your daily life

Hi! I'm Greg Natello, DO

A Cleveland Clinic and University of Alabama at Birmingham educated board-certified physician in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease, and functional medicine certified practitioner.

I am also a former patient, traveled a similar road to you, so get your fears and frustration. But know that we can help you to take back wellness and Live Your Best Life, as I did myself.

I was cured of type 2 diabetes at age 12 through dietary changes guided by my parents, a waitress and a barber. That blessing   ignited my interest in medicine, and over time, personalized whole person approach to care. 

I am now a Medical Advisor for the NFL Alumni Tackle Obesity Challenge, where I help former players implement nutrition and Health Promoting to Feel Well and Live Their Best Lives.

Greg Natello DO, a former Gettysburg College football player and having overcome childhood obesity, is the Cardiology and Metabolic Expert to the NFLAA Tackle Obesity Challenge.

“More than weight loss, the Tackle Obesity Challenge is about adopting sustainable health promoting practices and favorably altering metabolism and mindset to feel well and function at one’s best, while reducing the risk for obesity-related issues like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancers dementia, and premature death.” “It’s a whole-person big picture approach.

Fortunate to have found the way to restore my own health 20 years ago, I subsequently offered a program to my patients from what I had learned.

Chronic health issues can be reversed, improved, and prevented. “Your habits set the stage for added vibrant years or illness,”    Be mindful of things like eating a rainbow of nutrient-dense, non or minimally  processed, anti-inflammatory foods. Prioritize joyous movement, sleep, lowering physiologic stress, using non-harmful products, cultivating healthy relationships, and practicing gratitude.”

In our workshops, I’ll share known effective strategies for sustainable weight loss and wellness.

I’ll provide you with current knowledge and strategies that helped me and countless others achieve success.


Proven Strategies for Effective Weight Loss

Learn from Dr. Natello’s personal experience as a patient, former football player and Interventional Cardiologist who moved from placing stents to getting to the causes driving chronic health issues to help people get and stay well to Live their best lives.


Nutritional Guidance

Gain practical , fun and sustainable nutrition advice to make healthier choices, fuel your body,  optimize your health journey, and live a longer vibrant life.


Exercise Tips and Techniques

Discover exercise routines and techniques tailored to your needs and fitness level, improve your  metabolic function, look and feel better, and Live Your Best Life.  


Community Support

Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also on their weight loss and better health journey. As Dr. Natello says, Replacing the ‘I’ in illness with ‘we’ makes Wellness. Connect with  other participants, share experiences, ask questions, and receive ongoing support and encouragement.